Shervin Verkil Inspired Range 24pc

The Inspiration and Design excellence of this wonderful 24 piece ShervinVerkil cutlery set is undeniably second to none. Key Features Include: Contemporary Designer Excellence, Super Hi-Gauge 6mm engineering, 100 Year Trust Assurance Warranty, 18/10 Precision Mirrored Stainless Steel finish, Designer Dinner Knife X 6,Dinner Fork X 6, Dinner Spoon X 6 and Teaspoon X 6,Laser imprinted, S.V Superior Quality Assurance testing, ISO9001 Quality Production Certification, Dishwasher Safe, Ribbon Bow tied Gift boxing.   

SKU:   ShervinInspired24
Dimensions:   10cm(W) x 21cm(H) x 7cm(D)
Weight:   2.4 kg
CATEGORY:   Shervin Verkil / Cutlery