Bugatti Volo Toaster Chrome

Volo, the innovative toaster in the chrome version that allows, with a light touch, to choose what you desire most: to toast, to defrost or to reheat. Grill, clamps and the many programming possibilities permit also a professional use.

** Sandwich Grills not included but can be brought seperately

  • Designer: Andreas Seegatz
  • Measurements: 32X20X30 cm
  • Code: 13-VOLOCR Ean code: 8020178747769
  • Finish: Shiny plain colour
  • Maintenance: Before using read carefully the instructions manual
  • Technical information: volt 230-240 - 50-60 Hz - watt 930
Dimensions:   32cm(W) x 30cm(H) x 20cm(D)
Weight:   3 kg
CATEGORY:   Bugatti / Appliances