Ecoya Blood Orange 200ml Fragranced Reed Diffuser

An uplifting and radiant scented diffuser!

ECOYA is an Australasian Fragrance House; designed in New Zealand and handcrafted in Australia. Guided by leading perfumers and fragrance experts, our iconic collection of fragrances transforms raw nature into perfumes that are rich, rare and evocative. Forget nasty chemicals. Forget fake fragrances. Forget bad quality. Ecoya has changed all that. This proudly-Australian company makes beautiful scented home furnishing products using only the finest fragrances and essential oils.


  • Perfume's Notes: Tropical layers of ripe guava nectar are interwoven with a lively, Queensland lychee-inspired scent and a cocktail of berries
  • When reeds are placed in the fragrance oil bottle, they absorb the oil and diffuse it around your home
  • Every now and then, invert the reeds in the bottle to renew the fragrance
  • Fragrance diffuses for 1.5 months from opening, depending on air conditions
  • Includes fragrance oil, glass bottle and five diffusing reeds
  • Beautifully presented in an Ecoya gift box
  • Volume: 200ml 
  • Colour: White 
  • Material: Glass Bottle
  • Made in: Australia 
  • Included: 1x Fragrance Oil Jar, 10x Diffuser Stick
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 25 x 10 x 10cm
  • Weight: 0.72kg
SKU:   REED311
Dimensions:   10cm(W) x 25cm(H) x 10cm(D)
Weight:   0.72 kg
CATEGORY:   Living / Air Purification & Aromas