Hygger Air Pump

Ideal for any freshwater and saltwater aquariums, hydroponics, and ponds.

Hygger has been unremitting in the pursuit of new technology and superior product quality. They have a wide range of aquarium products including but not limited to aquarium lights, water pumps, fish tanks, internal filters, canister filters, air pumps, aquarium heaters, aquarium plastic plants, fish tank decorations, air stone, gravel cleaner, filter brush, bio-ball, sponge filter and so on.

Hygger 10 Watt Aquarium air pump is built with a powerful motor yet only uses 10 watt power, offering 16 litres of air per minute. It is able to run for multiple air stones, protein skimmers, and sponge filters.
6-step Quiet Air Pump: Thickened ABS plastic, sealing machine noise; Stainless steel cover, locked motor sound; Bearing less motor, works through magnetic bearings; Internal support feet, 8 bottom rubber feet, reduce vibration; Noise reduction motor


  • Adjustable Air Pump: Adjustment control knob for air flow, up to 255GPH
  • Used to vibrate the air bubbles to increase the area of the water contact with the air, so that the water can dissolve the oxygen, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the water
  • Low air output: Dense air bubbles, suitable for small and medium fish tanks or a small number of fish
  • High oxygen output: The bubbles are even, suitable for large tanks or a large number of fish
  • Double Air Outlet Pump: The bubbles are even, natural and stable
  • Can be connected to nano air stone, biochemical sponge filter, landscaping windmill rockery, and other aquarium aerobic landscaping equipment
  • Suitable for 20 to 600 gallon fish tanks (cannot exceed 6 feet water depth)
  • Full copper wire motor, more power saving, longer life and more stable operation
  • A durable diaphragm made of special synthetic rubber
  • The bottom air intake filter blocks the impurity particles, makes the air more pure, and make the air pump run normally
  • With ABS environmentally-friendly plastic case
  • Case is high-density thickening, anti-drop, wear-resistant, high and low temperature, not easy to deform
  • To get a warranty please contact the seller
  • Note: The accessories in the picture are not included, only an air pump
  • Air Flow: 255GPH
  • Power:10W
  • Weight:1.22KG
  • Nosie:<30dB
  • Pressure: 0.04Mpa
  • Power cable: 6 feet
  • Stomata: Double Vent
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V 50HZ
  • Application: up to 600 Gal
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • Made in: China
  • Included: 1x Air Pump with Power Adapter
  • Warranty: 1-year Warranty
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 12x24.5x18 cm
  • Weight: 1.37 kg
SKU:   HG-946
Dimensions:   24.5cm(W) x 12cm(H) x 18cm(D)
Weight:   1.37 kg
CATEGORY:   Pet / Fish